Immediate Same-Day Dentures | Same-Day As Extraction Dentures

Immediate Same Day Dentures

Although it is always more beneficial to wait until your gums heal before getting dentures, our busy social lives may not always be so accommodating.

Immediate same-day dentures are prefabricated and inserted on the same day as your extraction procedure. As testing these dentures in your mouth beforehand is impossible, they are inserted and then modified as needed afterwards, as the fit may not be ideal at first.

Temporary immediate dentures can be great option for avoiding the embarrassment of having no teeth, while a more permanent option is fabricated.

Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures

You may not gain a full approval of your new smile.

With immediate dentures, some concessions have to be made in fit to ensure the structural integrity of your new appliance. Your bite will also not be completely verified and may need to be modified afterward to ensure a true fit. For instance, if there is not enough room in your mouth naturally, the new teeth may need to be trimmed shorter in order to fit in without altering your natural appearance.

Changes to your dentures can be made later, after your gums have had a chance to heal and have shrunk back to a normal appearance. If you have a bulky, gummy smile, the denture flanges will add even more bulk, giving you a more swollen lip appearance.

Again, everything can be modified after your gums have shrunk back to a normal size. Ideally, we allow for 6-12 months before making final adjustments to your fitting.

Ahmed A. Omar and the friendly staff at the Nanaimo Denture Clinic are always willing to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us online or call 250-933-3368 to learn more.