Personalized Precision Dentures | Custom-Made For You

Personalized Precision Dentures

When it comes to a long-lasting, comfortable, precisely designed appliance, the Personalized Precision Denture can’t be beat. Using precise measurements of your Temporal Mandibular Joint as well as the oral cavity, your Ahmed A. Omar and the professional staff at Nanaimo Denture Clinic will create an appliance that is as unique as you are.

Taking into account each unique contour of your mouth, the personalized appliance will last for years while ensuring a comfortable fit.

The exact measurements taken of your jaw and oral cavity are transferred to an adjustable device that closely mimics the many intricate movements of your jaw during eating. This allows us to create a denture that is well suited to the everyday wear and tear of your day.


Aside from pure aesthetics, a personalized precision denture can also make eating enjoyable again, by closely emulating the movements of your mouth. This leads to be a more efficient breakdown of food, less strain on your mouth and ultimately better digestion and better health. It’s all about improving your quality of life.

The Benefits of a Precision Denture

In contrast to our precision dentures, more standardized appliances are created based on a set of averages, so they won’t take into account the unique contours of your jawline or oral cavity. While a standard denture will work reasonably well for the majority of patients, nothing can match the comfort and authenticity created by a custom-made appliance.

When it comes to replacing a real set of teeth, nothing compares to a Personalized Precision Dentures. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with Ahmed A. Omar and the friendly staff at Nanaimo Denture Clinic online or at 250-933-3368 today!