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Partial Dentures

Tooth loss can be more than just a blow to your self-esteem; it can also make eating and drinking uncomfortable.

When a full denture is deemed unnecessary, a partial denture may be recommended to replace a single tooth or a set of teeth. These partial dental appliances can either be supported wholly by the other teeth in your mouth, other tissue, implants or a combination of all three.

Each appliance is manufactured 100% based on the patient’s unique needs, ensuring a comfortable and effective fit. We can also colour match, so your new appliance blends in seamlessly with your real teeth and gums.

The partial appliances can be created using acrylic, an acrylic composite or even metal. Metal partial dentures are generally considered the stronger and more hygienic option. Acrylic partial dentures are normally reserved for temporary, or transitional dentures, as they can be more quickly manufactured.

Main Benefits of a Partial Denture

Aside from the aesthetic improvement of once again having a full set of beautiful teeth, partial dentures can do a great deal to improve a patient’s overall quality of life. With a full set of teeth, food can be properly ground down, greatly assisting digestion.

Partial dentures also help to support existing teeth, ensuring forces are more equally distributed through existing teeth.

Ahmed A. Omar and the friendly staff at the Nanaimo Denture Clinic are dedicated to finding the best option to suit your unique needs. They understand that no two mouths are the same, so we’ll take the time to understand your unique challenges.

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