Immediate Same-Day Repairs, Relines & Rebase

Immediate Same-Day Repairs, Relines & Rebase

Your dentures give you a bright, beautiful smile. They make it possible to enjoy your food to the fullest. Simply put, they allow you to experience a better quality of life.

Broken dentures can bring your normal routine to a screeching halt. Damage to your dentures is more than just inconvenient, it's uncomfortable and embarrassing. Nobody understands the inconvenience of ill-fitting, loose or broken appliance better than your Ahmed A. Omar and the staff at Nanaimo Denture Clinic.

That's why at Nanaimo Denture Clinic, we aim to provide prompt, professional denture repair services so that you're out the door and back to your busy schedule as quickly as possible. We offer a full range of same-day repair services, including rebases and relines.


A reline is mostly required as a result of shrinkage due to bone and tissue changes after an extraction, and as a result of other changes, including:

  • Tooth Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Bone Loss in Upper or Lower Jaw
  • Sickness or Disease

A working model of your mouth is created from a impression of your oral tissue from inside your denture. New acrylic material is then added to your dental appliance to create a fuller, more natural contour.


A rebase is the complete replacement of the acrylic material that hold the teeth together. The teeth themselves aren’t moved. A rebase is usually completed as a result of a partially damaged denture, or to replace weakened or old acrylic base material.

Quick, Effective Service

When you need denture repair in Nanaimo, BC, Nanaimo Denture Clinic can help. Ahmed A. Omar understands how important dentures are to you. Our goal to provide prompt, professional denture repair services, often completed in the same day.

Don’t put up with the pain or embarrassment of broken dentures. Get your smile back - contact the Nanaimo Denture Clinic online or call 250-933-3368 for more information today!